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AP Testing Registration

The 2024 AP exams will be paid for by Turlock Unified School District.  The students will pay for the late fee or cancellation fee if they have one.  For students not on a fee waiver the cost is $40 for late registration or a cancellation.  Fee waiver students will pay $5 for late registration and $40 for a cancellation.  All students must register on the College Board website using the Join Codes provided by their teacher.  To register on College Board go to   Here are some reminders when registering on College Board.

  • Account Information:  It is important that you keep the same e-mail and account information for all your College Board activity.
  • Order Exam Status:  Students must indicate “Yes” they would like an exam ordered.  The default sets them at “Undecided” and an exam will not be ordered unless they change it to “Yes” under Order Exam.
  • Parent Survey:  Please go onto your TUSD Family Link to fill out the Household income survey in the data confirmation section.  This helps us with our fee reductions for students who qualify and will help reduce the costs for our school district when paying for AP exams. 

Here are the important dates and information for the registration process:

Important Dates

  • Registration Begins:  August 14, 2023
  • November 3, 2023 – A student must be registered on College Board and have marked “Yes” under Order Exam for an exam to be ordered. 
  • March 1, 2024 - Last day to order an exam or cancel an exam.
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