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Central California Athletic League Code of Ethics

In addition to the Sac-Joaquin Section Code of Ethics the following is expressly made a part of the Code of Ethics of this League.  The purpose of this Code of Ethics is not to restrict but to guarantee the continuation of desirable inter-school relationships.  The guidelines indicated below are meant to serve as a framework of operation for students and school officials.  In adhering to this Code of Ethics, individuals within each of these two groups will be contributing toward the establishment and continuation of a superior type of interscholastic sports activity.

Student Responsibilities

1. Members of the respective student bodies should support their teams by:

     a. Remaining in their rooting section during their games.

     b. Cooperating with the yell leaders of both schools.

     c. Treating opponents, game officials, visiting students, and spectators as guests.

     d. Accepting gratuitously the decision of officials.

     e. Demonstrating sportsmanship at all times by displaying self-control before, during, and after all contests.

     f. Demonstrating respect for public and private property.

     g. No spectators will be admitted or allowed to remain who wear masks or other objects that conceal their identities.

     h. No painted faces at indoor events.

2. Positive signs only.  No hand held signs are allowed.

     a. No derogatory statements about opposing teams or players.

     b. Signs shall be supporting your own school or team.

3. All spirit signs shall be approved by the principal or his/her designee.

4. All signs shall be hung in a designated area determined by the home team.

5. All signs shall be properly disposed of after each game.

     a. Tape must be removed.

     b. All surfaces shall be cleaned.

6. Cheerleaders should put up and take down signs.  Visitors must post signs at outdoor events, but only on their side of the field.  No signs may be posted by visitors at indoor events.

7. The sign policy should be reviewed on a yearly basis by students and principals.