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At THS, our counselors are responsible for the whole student.  This includes instructional support, interpersonal relations, behavior, and attendance.  Essentially all factors which influence the student’s life and development into a responsible, mature young adult are within the scope of the counselor’s responsibility.

Contact Blake Amador  Blake Amador Counselor (Di-Lav)
Contact Mayra Arreola  Mayra Arreola Counselor (English Learner)
Contact Angie Freitas  Angie Freitas College and Career Counselor
Contact Ronna Oliveira  Ronna Oliveira Counselor (Rat-Z)
Contact Nancy Ruedas  Nancy Ruedas Counselor (A-Dh)
Contact Eric Swanson  Eric Swanson Counselor (Law-Ras)
Counseling Secretaries
Contact Vicki Johnson  Vicki Johnson Support Secretary
Contact Robin Lauck  Robin Lauck Administrative Secretary II
Contact Chelanne Millette  Chelanne Millette Secretary III