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Physical Education Locker
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Physical Education

Welcome Back

At Turlock High we promote an environment in which students are challenged mentally AND physically.  We believe strong bodies help develop strong minds.  We have already reviewed our grading policy and class expectations with your student.  Basically, show up-be properly prepared- work hard- have a positive attitude.  More detailed policies and expectations will be reviewed yearlong in class, here on this page, and at Back to School Night.  We look forward to another great year.  Remember, you have 3 days to make up any lost points.

Get an 'A' in P.E.!

1. Be present! More than 9 absences/NP's per quarter results in an 'F' 

2. Be active!  To receive full credit, students must actively participate.

3. Achieve State Standards minimums in push-up/sit-up/running tests. 

4. Be properly dressed out to work hard every day!  Students not dressed in P.E. uniform will  lose participation credit.  All students must get a loaner shirt if they forget their clothes...hygiene!

5. Complete all written assignments and turn in when due.  No late work is accepted

Make Up Opportunities

Safety First

Safety is a top priority for our P.E. students.  It is up to the student to inform their teacher if they have any limitation, pre-existing condition, or illness/injury that prevents them from fully participating in our grade appropriate State designed curriculum.  We begin each day with stretching and warm ups.  It is important that students complete all warm-ups as directed.  

Participation Requirements

Students are expected to actively participate daily.  A parent must send a note with their student to excuse them from p.e. for the day.   If a student is unable to participate for more than three days, they must have a Doctor's note specifically describing injury, illness, length of recovery, and specific limitations in participation.  These absences or non-participations MUST be made up upon returning to class or when note expires.  If a student misses class for a school related event, they need to talk to their individual teacher.   See your teacher for make-up opportunities!

Make Ups

P.E. make ups must be completed within 3 days upon return from an absence.  Absences and NP's may be made up by running 20 minutes before school with their teacher or during lunch time.  If a student is unable to run, other make up options will be made available.  All make up work must be completed within the three days.

Demerits may be made up within 3 days.

Lock it up!

P.E. Lockers

  • students must provide their own locks
  • students are responsible for securing ALL personal items.  THS is not responsible for stolen item.  
  • lockers are for use during P.E. time only