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Turlock High School

1600 E. Canal Drive

Turlock, CA 95380


Email any teacher by clicking the envelope next to his/her name.

Teacher Websites

Teachers whose names appear in blue have a website that can be accessed by clicking on his/her name.  

Turlock Staff


Contact Joe Cusenza  Joe Cusenza Assistant Principal
Contact Aaron Mello  Aaron Mello Assistant Principal
Contact Gabe Ontiveros  Gabe Ontiveros Principal
Contact Cristy Rickets  Cristy Rickets Assistant Principal
Contact Donnie Swanson  Donnie Swanson Dean of Students

Athletic Directors

Contact Mike Brown  Mike Brown Math/Athletic Director


Contact Blake Amador  Blake Amador Counselor (Di-Lav)
Contact Mayra Arreola  Mayra Arreola Counselor (English Learner)
Contact Angie Freitas  Angie Freitas College and Career Counselor
Contact Ronna Oliveira  Ronna Oliveira Counselor (Rat-Z)
Contact Nancy Ruedas  Nancy Ruedas Counselor (A-Dh)
Contact Eric Swanson  Eric Swanson Counselor (Law-Ras)


Contact Virginia Barr  Virginia Barr English
Contact Daniel Baudino  Daniel Baudino (209) 658-1862 Band Director
Contact Chris Beebout  Chris Beebout English
Contact Linda Bejaran  Linda Bejaran Consumer & Family Studies
Contact Anthony Belew  Anthony Belew PE
Contact John Belew  John Belew Special Education
Contact Lauren Bettencourt  Lauren Bettencourt Science
Contact Robert Boice  Robert Boice Foreign Language
Contact Laura Bonander  Laura Bonander Social Studies
Contact Sue Bonander  Sue Bonander Science
Contact Chad Booth  Chad Booth Ag
Contact Jason Boswell  Jason Boswell Special Education
Contact Vicky Broumas  Vicky Broumas Special Education
Contact Mike Brown  Mike Brown Math/Athletic Director
Contact Charlotte Burnam  Charlotte Burnam English
Contact Brian Campbell  Brian Campbell Science
Contact Susan Castro  Susan Castro English/ELD
Contact Michael Contreras  Michael Contreras Special Education
Contact Anne Cornell  Anne Cornell Consumer and Family Studies
Contact Lance Cornell  Lance Cornell Special Education
Contact Robbie Cornell  Robbie Cornell Special Education
Contact Doug Cornfoot  Doug Cornfoot Special Education
Contact Kayla Corona  Kayla Corona Business
Contact Jordan Cotton  Jordan Cotton Math
Contact Cortney Cox  Cortney Cox Social Studies
Contact Kelly Cross  Kelly Cross NJROTC
Contact Jennifer Cullum  Jennifer Cullum CTE/Cheerleading
Contact Nicole Cummings  Nicole Cummings Special Education
Contact JoAnn Davison  JoAnn Davison PE/ Cross Country/Track & Field
Contact Joseph DiGrazia  Joseph DiGrazia (209) 667-8319 Ag/Work Experience
Contact David Duncan  David Duncan 21st Century Skills
Contact Josh Ebersole  Josh Ebersole Art
Contact Amber Elstad  Amber Elstad Photography
Contact Sean Evers  Sean Evers Math
Contact Anton Fernandes  Anton Fernandes Ag
Contact Rick Fetter  Rick Fetter Special Education
Contact Roxanne Frazier  Roxanne Frazier Special Education
Contact Natalie Frisk  Natalie Frisk English
Contact Bernadette Galvan  Bernadette Galvan Health Occupations
Contact Jose Garcia Alonso  Jose Garcia Alonso Math
Contact Jennifer Garcia  Jennifer Garcia Foreign Language
Contact Elizabeth Gerling  Elizabeth Gerling Math
Contact Sean Gilbert  Sean Gilbert Social Studies
Contact Jeff Hakanson  Jeff Hakanson Math
Contact Scott Hamaguchi  Scott Hamaguchi Special Education
Contact Phil Hansen  Phil Hansen Math
Contact Erica Hernandez  Erica Hernandez 21st Century Skills/PE
Contact Karen Hillis  Karen Hillis Math
Contact Mr. Hoobyar  Mr. Hoobyar Foreign Language
Contact Jared Jeffries  Jared Jeffries English
Contact Lisa Jensen  Lisa Jensen (209) 667-2055 ex: 4052 Math
Contact Hilary Jones  Hilary Jones Math
Contact Jonathan Kamp  Jonathan Kamp Science
Contact Ana Kilgallen  Ana Kilgallen Foreign Language
Contact Aaron King  Aaron King Mathematics Teacher, Head JV Baseball Coach
Contact Tiffany King  Tiffany King Math
Contact Mr. Kitamura  Mr. Kitamura US & AP US History
Contact Daris Kline  Daris Kline English
Contact Mary Krupka  Mary Krupka PE
Contact Josh Lewis  Josh Lewis Science
Contact Nicole Lonergan  Nicole Lonergan English
Contact Anibal Lopez  Anibal Lopez Foreign Language
Contact Amber Lugo  Amber Lugo Teacher
Contact Rodney Machado  Rodney Machado Special Education
Contact Laura Mann  Laura Mann Foreign Language & ELD
Contact Jose Martinez  Jose Martinez Foreign Language
Contact Caroline Martins  Caroline Martins Math
Contact Dean Massey  Dean Massey Industrial Technology
Contact Margaret Masztal  Margaret Masztal English
Contact Jeff Matthew  Jeff Matthew Math
Contact James McElroy  James McElroy English/ELD
Contact Heather McFadzean  Heather McFadzean English
Contact Bill McGinnis  Bill McGinnis Math
Contact Kevin McGuire  Kevin McGuire Ag/Industrial Technology
Contact Meganne McInerney  Meganne McInerney Art
Contact Andrea Medeiros  Andrea Medeiros Social Studies
Contact Rob Mendonca  Rob Mendonca Social Studies
Contact Salinda Mendoza  Salinda Mendoza 21st Century Skills
Contact Carlos Montanez  Carlos Montanez NJROTC
Contact Patricia Navarrete  Patricia Navarrete English
Contact Serena Navarro  Serena Navarro Work Experience
Contact Tina Nunes  Tina Nunes Ag
Contact Jill Ogden  Jill Ogden Social Studies Teacher/ Varsity Softball Coach/Mock Trial Coach
Contact Timothy Oldenburg  Timothy Oldenburg English
Contact Karina Origel  Karina Origel Bridge
Contact Jasmin Perez  Jasmin Perez Foreign Language
Contact James Peterson  James Peterson PE
Contact Nancy Petty  Nancy Petty Math
Contact Randee Prada  Randee Prada Ag
Contact Rex Rabine  Rex Rabine Social Studies
Contact Sonja Raynes  Sonja Raynes Science
Contact Amos Reyes  Amos Reyes Criminal Justice
Contact Amy Riedinger  Amy Riedinger Social Studies
Contact Matt Rosengarth  Matt Rosengarth Social Studies
Contact Kelly Santos  Kelly Santos English
Contact Nineb Shahbaz  Nineb Shahbaz Math
Contact Robert Sheets  Robert Sheets Culinary Arts
Contact Julie Shipman  Julie Shipman Foreign Language
Contact Kay Simmons  Kay Simmons Science
Contact Greg Smith  Greg Smith English
Contact Abbi Snider  Abbi Snider English
Contact Joseph Sousa  Joseph Sousa Foreign Language
Contact Doug Sperry  Doug Sperry Social Studies
Contact Zachary Stillman  Zachary Stillman Choir Director
Contact Edison Takyeh  Edison Takyeh Science
Contact Kevin Testo  Kevin Testo Science
Contact Soua Thao  Soua Thao English
Contact Joe Tovar  Joe Tovar Orchestra Director
Contact Ryan Tribble  Ryan Tribble Social Studies
Contact Michele VanNieuwenhuyzen  Michele VanNieuwenhuyzen Drama/Speech
Contact Undrae Walker  Undrae Walker Special Education
Contact Colin Wenstrand  Colin Wenstrand 21st Century Skills
Contact Vince Zipser  Vince Zipser Special Education

Support Staff

Contact Raquel Aguilar  Raquel Aguilar Attendance Clerk
Contact Lana Arroyo  Lana Arroyo Typist Clerk
Contact Kristin Bettencourt  Kristin Bettencourt Textbook/AV Clerk/Scholarships
Contact Desiree Cameron  Desiree Cameron Job Developer/Coach
Contact Mike Collins  Mike Collins Athletic Trainer
Contact Esther Harris  Esther Harris Nurse
Contact Maggie Hennes  Maggie Hennes Nurse
Contact Vicki Johnson  Vicki Johnson Support Secretary
Contact Michelle Kuntz  Michelle Kuntz Activities Account Technician
Contact Robin Lauck  Robin Lauck Administrative Secretary II
Contact Tami Mendonca  Tami Mendonca Activities Account Clerk
Contact Chelanne Millette  Chelanne Millette Secretary III
Contact Tammy Pifer  Tammy Pifer Typist Clerk
Contact Rebecca Prendez  Rebecca Prendez Registrar
Contact Lara Salazar  Lara Salazar Administrative Secretary II
Contact Eileen Savelson  Eileen Savelson Job Coach Developer
Contact Daljit Velazquez  Daljit Velazquez Attendance Secretary II
Contact Danelle Von Aspern  Danelle Von Aspern Administrative Assistant
Contact Lacey Zanini  Lacey Zanini Administrative Secretary I

Health Tech

Contact Kim Rufo  Kim Rufo Health Tech


(209) 667-0797


(209) 667-0888


(209) 667-0791


(209) 667-2055


(209) 667-4061