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Head Coach

Bergann Hernandez

[email protected]

2018 Team

Thank you so much to all the athletes who tried out for track this week. You all put your best effort in. 

-If you have a dash next to your name you are currently on the team however you have a dash for one of 2 reasons.

1. You need to talk to coach

2. You need to be cleared by the trainer or doctor by Feb 14th or you will be unable to participate

-Please be aware we will only be traveling with the top 3-4 competitive or qualifying athletes in each event.

-Athletes coming from wrestling, cheer, basketball, and soccer will tryout when their current sport finishes but no later than the week of Feb 19th. Those athletes will get 1 week to tryout. 

2018 Girls

Aguirre, Miriam

Alvarez, Galilea

Barajas, Julieta

Bixel, Kennedy

Bowen-Ornelas, Ivy

Chavez, Fatima

Cherry, Kristen

Chiesa, Ava

Contreras, Karina

Cummings, Catelyn

Davalos, Yazmine

Davis, Kalyn

Dykzeul, Audrey

Edgerton, Madasyn

Ericksen, Macie

Fuamatu, Damaris

Fuentes, Larissa

Garner, Christianee

Groteguth, Nicole

Handy, Julia

Hayes, Avery

Hollcraft, Bernie

Hulbert, Danica

Huh, Ashley

Lopez, Jessica

Madrigal, Yamilet

Machado, Catherine

Machado, Lauren

Machado, Sam

McCombs, Ray

Medel, Kasandra

Messa-Street, Anaiya

Mendez, Ashley

Ngo, Emily

Nunez-Bradshaw, Pepper

Penaloza, Yulissa

Perez, Aranza

Perry, Jennifer

Perez, Jovana

Reed, Avery

Rice, Savannah

Romo, Sarah

Rowell, Brynn

Ruelas, Jasmine

Santos, Phoebe

Sauter, Romy

Schmit, Laura

Soltero Sanchez, Lizbeth

Souza-Cuevas, Victoria

Stessman, Lilyane

Torres, Maritza

Torres, Imaya

Toth, Mary

Tovar, Sandra

Varela, Cynthia

Zapata, Raquel


Boys 2018

Allen, Jackson

Alvarez, Uriel

Ashman, William

-Acosta, Isaiah

Baldwin, Holden

Beaken, Chris

Beltran, Diego

Bowen, Cooper

Burch, Ryan

Borges, Brett

Carne, Brendan

Ceballos, Edgar

Cherry, Zach

Clark, Richard

Coelho, Adam

Cordero, Gabriel

Cuevas, Michael

Cummings, Colton

Cruz, Oscar

Dirksey, Jake

Flores, Ariel

Fredeen, Silas

Garcia, Isaac

Garibay, Nathan

Gilbert, Dylan

-Gonzalez, Jonathan

-Grein, Dustin

Guizar, Pablo

Guzman, Eric

Gutierrez, Adrian

Haynam, Matthew

Haynam, Nathaniel

Hernandez, Eric

Kosakiewicz, Jonah

Larick, Dean

Lemon, Caleb

Lopez, Mike

Mazon, Sergio

Mejia, Andy

Meraz, Obed

Motley, Chianti

Mata, Michael

Nunes, Alfred

Padilla, Juan

Padilla, Santiago

Panesar, Harbeer

Porter, Jordan

Quinto, Bryan

Rogers, Rios

Ruiz Suarez, Antonio

Salas, Ulises

Sandoval, Jose

Santos, Joshua

Santos, Nicolaus

Souza, Bryce

Strode, Evan

Strode, Jacob

Valdivia, Israel

Valenzuela, Gavin

Vandergriff, Bailey

White, Darian

Wilson, Samuel

Wooley, Henry

Track and Field
3/23/18 10:08 AM
2/8/18 1:39 PM

Student Athletes

You are a student first. Be sure to use your time wisely. Get your work done and in on time. Be prepared. Your GPA matters. For sports, for college, for life. 


Huge Thank you to the Arrowhead Club of Turlock for the awesome donation in 2017 for our team to update our pole vaulting poles.

Huge Thank you to the THS Booster Club for the awesome donation in 2017 for our team to update our pole vaulting poles.

As a result our vaulters are some of the strongest our valley has to offer. We are working hard towards even bigger goals in the future.

Track Rules

  • If you miss the workouts, you will miss the meet.  Practices are mandatory
  • more than one unexcused practice and you forfeit your privilege of being on the team, i.e. detentions, cuts
  • suspensions for any reason will result in removal from team
  • more than 5 missed practices for any reason will lower your grade
  • athletes are required to remain at practice until released by their events coach

Train Like a CHampion

  • Eat Right- You are a high performance machine. Be sure you are putting in good fuel
  • Hydrate- Throughout the day
  • Proper warm ups- stretching and quality form work are key
  • Listen to your body- Care and prevention of injuries are extremely important



Stronger. Higher. Faster. Farther.

Be a student of your sport


Key ideas

Block pads 2 feet to first 3 to the second use a range around those marks. 

Shoulders over hands. Knee brushing arm.

Press back up. Let head drop.

Use your arms to propel you out and keep your body in your drive angle.

In set position use shin as a guide. Shin too low bad. Shin too high bad. About 45degree angle. Is front foot under the hips. Stay with/push through the shin angle with your body. 

20 Meter Drive Phase

Hurdle Blocks



Hunt or be hunted. 

"Each day, each practice session, is a step toward a different future." -the little book of talent 

What are you doing today that makes you better for tomorrow?

Be a student of your sport. 

Motivation Mondays! -What motivates you? Share your motivation with your team


Are you really working when you're working? (Are you just going through the motions or are pushing for more?)

Work harder today than you think you did yesterday.

Be a relentless competitor.

Excuses have no uses!!

Social Media

We now have a twitter account. @trackturlock

Coaching Staff 2018

Boy's and Girl's Head Coach/Pole Vault/Sprints: Bergann Hernandez

Sprints Assistant: Fernando Rodruigez

Jumps/Hurdles: JoAnn Davison

Sprints/Blocks/Relays: Matt Ulrich

JV Blocks/Relays: Coach Vincent 

Throws: Peter Hernandez

Hurdles/Jumps: Andrea Severson

Distance/Strength: Shannon Tate-Mardakis

Boy's Distance: Jeremy "Tank" Zumsteg

Track and Field