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Head Coach

Bergann Hernandez

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Track and Field

Student Athletes

You are a student first. Be sure to use your time wisely. Get your work done and in on time. Be prepared. Your GPA matters. For sports, for college, for life. 


We are grateful for the support we have received from our administration. With the funding set for sport we were able to purchase a timing tool that will help us prepare our athletes for a high level of competition.

Huge Thank you to the THS Booster Club for the awesome donation in 2018 for our team to update our team warm ups. We are going to step into the 2019 season looking fresh and feeling confident.

Track Rules

  • If you miss the workouts, you will miss the meet.  Practices are mandatory
  • more than one unexcused practice and you forfeit your privilege of being on the team, i.e. detentions, cuts
  • suspensions for any reason will result in removal from team
  • more than 5 missed practices for any reason will lower your grade
  • athletes are required to remain at practice until released by their events coach

Train Like a CHampion

  • Sleep- Your brain and your body need that time to rest and repair

  • Eat Right- You are a high performance machine. Be sure you are putting in good fuel

  • Hydrate- Throughout the day

  • Proper warm ups- dynamic warm up going from slow to fast and quality form work are key

  • Listen to your body- Care and prevention of injuries is extremely important

  • Rest- Part of effective training involves rest. Take it. 


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Give it your all

Stronger. Higher. Faster. Farther.


Hunt or be hunted. 

"Each day, each practice session, is a step toward a different future." -the little book of talent 

What are you doing today that makes you better for tomorrow?

Be a student of your sport. 

Motivation Mondays! -What motivates you? Share your motivation with your team

Be kind. 

Make where you are where you want to be.


Are you really working when you're working? (Are you just going through the motions or are pushing for more?)

Work harder today than you think you did yesterday.

Be a relentless competitor.

Excuses have no uses!!

Don't be average


Coaching Staff 2019

Pole Vault/Sprints: Bergann Hernandez

Sprints: Fernando Rodriguez

Sprints: Bryce Souza

Throws/Hurdles: JoAnn Davison

Blocks/Relays: Matt Ulrich

JV Blocks/Relays: Coach


HJ: Carlos Hernandez

LJ/TJ: Molly Clark

Distance/Strength: Shannon Tate-Mardakis

Distance: Tank 

Track and Field
This is our safe place
come as you are

state of mind


Talent is nothing. The work still has to be done. Everyday, every choice it either gets you closer to your goal or further away.


"You want to always stay humble and hungry. There is always more to learn and always room to grow. Mastery isn't a destination, it is a continual process and never ending journey."


"there are no extraordinary people, just ordinary people willing to experience shame, persecution, and even death to pursue sets their soul on fire"


"Don't ever settle for average.

Don't ever settle for easy.

Don't ever forget that you only get one life.

You aren't entitled to your dreams."

-Joshua Medcalf